D2R Blower Motor

Well, here it is, the first ever non nitrous equipped motor that I have ever owned.  I was tired of filling nitrous bottles and after hurting the motor at the ORSCA race in 2006 in Commerce, GA I decide to try the blo-thru route. I must confess, the only reason that motor got hurt was because I got greedy and added a second stage of nitrous…..I was spraying over 500 when I melted a few pistons…. The extra spray only lasted about 2 seconds before the car started to nose over.

With a freshened up set of TFS-R heads by Scott Milner of Coupe Performance, a fresh bottom end by Pro-Line Racing Engines with a set of 8.8-1 dish pistons, a custom ground solid roller cam and a carburetor by C&S Specialties. The Pro-Charged combination with 10 pounds of boost netted 712 rear wheel horse power and drives great on the street. To date I have not been to the track but I will post times as soon as I get out. Oh yeah, the 10 pound set-up is temporary as I am looking to make over 800 rwhp.

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Heads from Coupe Performance
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New Motor Setup
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