This is where it started. In the summer of 2005 I purchased a 1991 Mustang LX Coupe. It was a nice car with about 80k original miles on it. It had several modifications including a Holley Systemax intake, aluminum heads, 1.6 roller rockers, headers, exhaust, 3:73 gear, Southsides, a Tremec TKO 600, throttle body, C&L Mass air meter, pulleys, aluminum radiator, electric fans, weld wheels, a cowl hood and a few gauges. I drove the car a week before tearing it apart and selling the pieces.
   I went out and bought a plasma cutter and a welder, cut out the trunk and the wheel tubs. Soon realizing I was in over my head, I took the car to Bell chassis and fabrication where he mini-tubbed the car, narrowed the rear end and installed 9” housing ends, coil overs, mounted the twin fuel cells, added a full cage with a parachute mount and handle, added a sheet metal rear firewall and package tray, removable steering wheel, battery cut off switch, brake pedal rod, mounted the Kirkey seats, ran new hidden brake lines and bead locked the Weld pro-Magnums. He would later build the 2” headers and full 3.5” exhaust, plumb the fogger and make several other pieces for the car.
   After leaving Bells shop, I took the car to Dewayne Stiles for a custom one off paint job. We sat down with some blank sketches and came up with a carbon fiber over red scheme with a grey tear separating the two. The engine compartment alone had over 50 hours of labor put into in filling and smoothing the holes and frame rails. Next he filled the fuel filler door, antenna hole and clearanced the quarter panels to keep the beefy 325/50 drag radials from rubbing.  I went over to his place on a Saturday morning to help with paint prep and when I arrived he had it sitting outside and finished!!(he’s sneaky like that). We spent the next few hours buffing and putting the trim on it. I brought it home and started putting it all together, from the wiring to the plumbing. Once said and done, with a new engine by Pro Line Race Engines, a Sid Neil glide and some dyno time with Jeff Harris at ProSpeed Performance the car would dyno 803 rear wheel h.p on a 250 shot. Two days later I left for Fun Ford Atlanta 2006 and won the True street class with a best time of 9.35 @144 mph, this was the third pass this car had ever made down the track and the event that would get me the cover of MM&FF magazine. After hurting the motor in the 2006 racing season I took the motor apart and decided to change things around a little bit. I went with a custom set of dish pistons and a custom grind comp cams solid roller. After selling all of the nitrous I picked up a pro-charger D2-R. I kept it carbureted and after some research bought a C&S Specialties aerosol blo-thru carb. With 17 lbs of boost, the new combination put down 778 rwhp on Pro-Speeds chassis dyno.  
Be sure to check out the sections below for pictures of the build!

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