In 2001 I was on the hunt for a coupe to build. I wanted a fast, clean street car and my goal was to run 6.50’s in the 1/8th mile. A friend of mine found a car listed in the auto trader and after negotiating a deal I drove 8 hours to a barn in North Carolina.  I purchased the 1990 Mustang LX Coupe that become WIKDLX 1.  Aside from the blown motor it had tons of good parts that I could strip from the car and sell. A Vortech A-trim supercharger, Gt-40 intake, Canfield aluminum heads, 36 lb injectors, 77 mm maf, 70 mm throttle body, cam, chrome ponies a cowl hood and gauges. I sold everything but the heads. At this point I had a chassis and a set of aluminum heads and all for a total investment of $500.

The next year or so was spent in my basement doing bodywork with the help of an uncle and slowly installing the pieces as I got them. With a 357 inch Windsor built by Dan Rawls of Cleveland Performance Center in Chattanooga, TN. and a Tremec Tko 5-speed transmission it was a fun little street car. The transmission lasted about a week, it just couldn’t keep up with the 7600 RPM shifts, so I upgraded to a Jerico DR-4 transmission.
The first day at the track netted a 6.12, way better than I had expected. I would eventually get the car to run a 5.87 on stock suspension.

Later I upgraded to 4 link rear suspension and get the car to run a 5.69.  But even thought the car ran great times I realized that I was no longer legal for any classes that I could afford to run so I sold the chassis and started a new project. WIKDLX 2 was purchased a week later. Be sure to check out the sections below for pictures of the build!

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