Hi, I'm Matt Hamby. I was born and raised in Marietta, GA and I graduated in 1992 Wheeler High School. I grew up in a family where I had the opportunity to be around a lot of old hot rods. Not coming from a family with money, I spent a lot of my time in the garage with my stepfather piddling with old cars and trucks. At the age of 14 I got my first car, a 1973 Mustang coupe that we had drug out of from the woods of my neighbor’s house.  We paid him $100 for it. During High School my stepfather and I spent our weekends and evenings working on my Mustang with the money I earned washing cars and mowing lawns. The performance mods were a 4:10 gear, a small cam and dual exhaust. This car ran a 10 flat in the eighth.

Over the next two years I learned a lot about cars and fell in love with mustangs.  Having an uncle that was an avid drag racer I kept the ’73 for less than two years.  Knowing that I needed more power but being on a limited budget, I traded the ‘73 for a 1985 Mercury Capri RS 5.0....yes, the bubble back car.  Again I added a 4:10 gear, long tube headers, 2.5" exhaust with flowmasters and underdrive pulleys. This car ran an 8.80 in the eighth on street tires.

  My next car was a 1989 LX hatchback. With help from my best friend Chris Cobb, we built a high 11 second daily driver. With a ported stock intake, 65 mm throttle body, 73 mm  maf, 24 lb injectors, Edelbrock aluminum heads, E-cam, long tube headers, pulleys and a 150 shot of nitrous.

  Since the sell of that car I have owned a 1985 GT, 1988 LX coupe, 1996 cobra, 1997 cobra, 1993 lightning, 1999 lightning, 2003 lightning, all of these cars were modified. But the first real race car was WIKDLX, a 1990 mustang LX coupe. I built the car in 2000 to just have fun and run in the 6.50 range and needless to say it ran a 6.12 first time out. On stock suspension it had a best time of 5.87 with a Jerico 4 speed. Later, with the help of Bell Chassis and Stiles paint works the car was transformed into a back halved 4 link 31x10.5w beast. I kept it for 1 season and sold it to build me a drag radial type car.

 Now we move to WIKDLX 2, a 1991 mustang lx coupe nicknamed the "carbon flyer" by Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords magazine September 2006. With loads of custom work by With loads of custom work by Bell chassis and fabrication and an insane paint job by Stiles Paint works, it has been the best project to date. This car is street driven and a blast to drive. The car drove a 30 mile cruise in Fun Ford Weekend Atlanta 2006 and made 3 passes with the fastest pass being a 9.35 @ 144mph in turn being the fastest car in True Street.

 For the 2007 season I switched to a ProCharger, and with help from Roger at C&S Specialties the new blo-thru set up managed a best of 9.04@152 mph. In the middle of 2007 I decide it was time to upgrade, so I sold the engine and power adder and bought a new aluminum block and a GT47-88mm turbo. I hope to have this new combination for the 2008 season. This was my first ever non-nitrous assisted car and I must admit it spoiled me. I just couldn’t get enough of never having to fill bottles and always having power on demand. I now look forward to seeing what some added cubic inches and a turbo will do.

Along with changing the engine and power adder, I bought new front suspension from Team-Z Motorsports. I did this to lose some front end weight and add some clearance so we can set the motor in lower.

While racing in the summer of 2005 I got the opportunity to meet a fellow racer, Janice Grant, aka Mach1Girl, and we were married on January 27, 2007. Just under a year later, January 16th 2008 we had our first child, a boy and we named him Noah Matthew.

 Make sure to read through the builds and check out my pictures and videos. I encourage you to email me with any comments, suggestions or questions that you may have. I always welcome the opportunity to share my obstacles and successes.

 Thanks for taking the time to stop by,

Matt Hamby
a.k.a WIKDLX

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